10 Mind-blowing Ways to Propose Marriage to a Nigeria Girl

Wow! Love finally found you. Maybe it’s the other way round, you found love! However, you have finally made up your mind to propose to the girl you love. All that remains is for you to bend the knee to your Khaleesi. That’s obviously why you stumbled on this post.

Well, you are at the right place. I’ve once been in your shoes. I found someone I loved so much that I wanted to propose marriage to her that I wanted to propose marriage to her. The problem was how to do it.  After asking for public opinion, I discovered 10 wowing ways to propose marriage to a Nigerian damsel.

You’re lucky I jotted them down. So, I’d share them with you. Here’re the 10 astounding ways to propose in Nigeria:


  1. The Eatable Method

    10 ways to propose to a Nigerian lady

    Yeah, you heard me right. The eatable method is a very popular way to propose to a girl. However, you have to have an ambulance nearby to prevent an emergency. You don’t want to kill your girl when proposing to her.

    In this technique, you put the wedding ring inside her food. You have to ensure that it is carefully concealed in the meal, so she doesn’t suspect. While eating the food, start telling her how much you love her and how much she means to you. Do so until she has the ring in her mouth. Once she notices the ring, you bend the knee and say the words. Trust me, it always works.

  2. The T-Shirt Method


    the t-shirt proposal method

    how to propose to a nigerian lady with T-Shirt

    This method is used mostly by people who are scared of proposing with words. Moreover, actions speak louder than words. So, don’t feel bad using this method. Here’s how it is done. You print a T-Shirt with the words “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”. The T-Shirt should be concealed behind a jacket or sweater so she doesn’t see it. Take her to a restaurant on a romantic date.

    Ensure you have people seated in the restaurant with placards. The placards should read “Will you Marry him”, “Please say yes” and stuff like that. After the meal, let your people bring out the placards for her to see. Ensure this happens so fast that she is left in a chaotic state. Then when she looks at you for confirmation, open the jacket and show her the words written on the T-Shirt. Send me the wedding rice afterwards.

  3. The Movie Method

    To do this successfully, you must have a fine house, a well edited love documentary of the both of you and a recorded proposal. Once you have these, you’re ready to go.
    Invite her to your house to watch a movie with you. Ensure the whole environment is pointing to love and smelling sweet. Now, play a very romantic love movie with a happy ending. Both of you should watch this movie together, her head on your chest. After watching the movie, play the love documentary for her to watch. Once it reaches the part of your visually recorded proposal, kneel down with your ring and let the magic happen.

  4. The Radio Method

    To do this successfully, ensure your girlfriend loves listening to a particular radio station. Then invite her over to hear her favourite show with you. You must have recorded a wedding proposal which the radio station will play by a particular time.Once your proposal is being played on air, ensure bend the knee and present the ring. She’d be so shocked she’d have no further option but to say yes.

  5. Sickness Method

    10 mindblowing ways to propose to a Nigerian lady

    how to use the sickness proposal method

    I personally recommend this method for anyone who’s looking to get a resounding yes. To do this however, you’d have to plan with a hospital. Here’s how it’s done.Let someone call her to the hospital with the claim that you have an emergency. Once she comes to the hospital, she should be directed to your ward. Once she enters your ward and sees you covered with bandage. She’d be visibly touched to try knowing what happens. But here’s where the trick happens.

    The nurse will then tell her that you’ve been diagnosed with Love Syndrome. The nurse will then hand her a written description of your situation. However, the written description should be a love letter from you to her and at the centre of it, a wedding ring. By the time she’s reading this, ensure you’re on your knees.

    Alternatively, you can propose to her on her sickbed when she is really ill. This is another nice variation of the sickness method.

  6. The Birthday Method

    Man Proposes to his wife

    10 Ways to propose to a nigerian woman

    Every Nigerian woman’s dream is to be proposed to on her birthday day. Why not help her actualize this? Throw her a surprise birthday party, and then propose to her on her birthday. She’d never forget it.

  7. The Car Method

    This is for the big boys, but the small boys can do this also. If you have money, buy her a car. If you don’t have money, rent a very expensive car and drive it to her house. Make sure the car is so unique that she’d scream immediately she sees it.If you bought her the car, or you rented it car it doesn’t matter. Give her the key to check the pigeon hole. Ensure the ring is visible in the pigeon hole so she sees it immediately she opens it. Place a romantic note on the seat so she reads it first before seeing the ring. Thank me later

  8. The Karaoke Method

    man proposes at karaoke eventWe can all agree that Nigerian girls love songs. The funnier part of it is that they all think they can sing. So, why don’t you sing love to the woman you love.

    Take her to a karaoke show. Then mount the stage and sing her favourite blues. Ensure you go on voice training, so your toad voice wouldn’t destroy the moment. After the song, call her out in front of everyone and propose to her. She’d be too wowed to say no

  9. The Breakfast-In-Bed Method

    man proposing marriage

    Who doesn’t watch romantic movies? I don’t think there’s any Nigerian girl who doesn’t like the idea of breakfast in bed, especially after a very stressful night.

    Use the opportunity to make her day. Put the ring on the breakfast tray and give it to her as breakfast in bed. As she devours the food, she’d obviously spot the ring. Speak the magic words, and let the universe bring your wish to pass.

  10. The African Method

    This is my favourite method. I always ensure my friends use this method when proposing. It’s very simple and mature. All it demands is courage. Here’s the method. Don’t tell her before you do this. Visit during Christmas when she’s with her family. Take some of your kinsmen with you. Ensure you look good and comfortable enough so her parents don’t disapprove of you. Tell her father of your intention to follow tradition and not western culture.

    Let her dad do the proposal for you. You just await the reply. It works, 80% of the time.


The 10 ways listed above are not exhaustive. There’s a million and one ways to propose to a Nigerian girl. It’s just left for you to choose the one that suits you.

However, you should know that your proposal should come as a surprise to your girl. Surprise proposals put the girl in a position to say yes more often. Of course, no one wants to ruin the surprise. And remember, it’s not about getting her to say yes to a ring. It’s about getting her to say I Do on the altar.

Do you know any other mind-blowing proposal methods? Do well to drop it in the comments box so others can learn. Don’t forget to share this post to those who might be in need of it.

Have a nice day.

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10 Mind-Blowing Ways to Propose to a Nigerian Girl (2020)

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