The Nigerian Events Industry is currently worth over $20 Billion Dollars. Most of these funds are spent by events planners and at least 30% of these monies find their ways to the pockets of the event planning team.

Funny enough, many Nigerian youths are looking for jobs and bemoaning poverty when they have the chance to become profession event planners and make a living from it.

With an average of 150 events being organized daily in major cities, there’s enough space to make money planning events. You can help people plan weddings, birthdays, concerts, housewarmings, reunions and even bashes. Moreover, if you check the number of events being organized near you and you’d be shocked by how much money is spent on gathering people together.

Therefore, we at 24Rentz have decided to begin an event planning class for thousands of Nigerians who are willing to learn event planning skills. This classes would be held online so you can connect from the comfort of your house. Also, the course is totally free and you’d be getting free materials and tools that can guide you on your journey to becoming an event planner.

how to become an event planner

Here are the major things you’d learn from the course

  1. How to Get Well Paying Event Clients as a Complete Beginner
  2. How to Get Experience as an Event Planner
  3. How to Handle Rental Vendors When Planning Events
  4. How to Successfully Manage Any Kind of Event
  5. How to Build An Event Planning Brand
  6. How to Outshine Your Competitors in the Events Space
  7. Networking in the Events Planning Industry
  8. How to Become A Successful Event Marketer and lots more.

To register for this course, send us a message via WhatsApp by Clicking on the link below


Feel free to share this post with your friends, so they can learn from it and also benefit. Looking forward to seeing y’all in the course.

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How to Become A Professional Nigerian Event Planner

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