Become a 24Rentz Super Vendor


At 24Rentz, we believe in communities. We believe in connecting people with others who have the solution to their problems.

Our vision is to connect people who need items/services for their event, to those who need their services

Connecting People to vendors within their location is our top priority, and with the help of super vendors, we can achieve this

Become a 24Rentz Super vendor

Refer a vendor to 24Rentz


Who is a 24RentzĀ  SuperVendor?


A vendor who helps us bring other vendors within his/her locality is a 24Rentz super vendor.

Many customers have a lot of things they’d need to get, and a super vendor helps 24Rentz connect the customers with those extra services.

By referring your friends who are vendors to the 24Rentz platform, you qualify to become a super vendor. It’s that easy.

What do I stand to gain?


You’d receive a tier one premium plan. This means that your products would be boosted on our platform, and more referrals and customers would be sent to you.

This tier one plan is worth $12.5 for 3 months and means at least 500 potential customers for you.

What qualifies me as a Super Vendor?


  1. You have to be in an approved location. To find out the approved locations, use the WhatsApp Chat.
  2. Also, you have to refer us to at least 12 vendors, before we can activate your account to super vendor status.
  3. Finally, you have to be a verified vendor on the 24Rentz platform.

How to Apply

To apply, click on the button below

Click Here

For any queries, use the contact us button on the button of your screen to get clarified. Feel free to drop a comment below. We’d respond to all comment.

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Become a 24Rentz Super Vendor

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