What is the 24Rentz Academy?


how to become an event planner

The 24Rentz events academy is an online events planning school that trains people in the latest industry practices. The school runs on WhatsApp, Zoom and on the 24Rentz website. Students learn using the live chat room, articles, email newsletters, interactive groups sessions, zoom classes and audio-visual aids.



This academy runs various courses which last for 8 weeks. At the end of the course, the student is given a free certificate and connected with a big event planning firm for an internship.

We however plan to make this a self-paced course in the future, so people can join anytime and learn at their own pace.



How to become a professional event planner

Students are encouraged to network through the forum. The classes are broken into individual groups of four and are allowed to schedule and organize meetings.

The aim of the meetings is for the students to share their experiences and learn from one another. It also enables them build a business network, so once they’re done learning, they’d have a base to start from.



The academy is 100% free. A lot of free coupons, materials and templates are also distributed to the students, based on their performance. We also gift free subscription packages to the new students, just to help them get started.


Set Up

We help our new students incorporate and set up their events business. We help them register their businesses in many countries, as well as design free logos, rent their first office, create complimentary cards and get started. For those who can’t create their brands immediately, we connect them with established event planners to get started.



We admit students from across the world. The course is currently offered in English, so we only admit native English speakers into the batch.

Currently, we have students from UK, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, US, Kenya and Zimbabwe. We still hope to accept students from other countries to join in the batch,



24Rentz Logo

24Rentz Academy is funded by donations from willing members of the society. 24RentzĀ provides a lot of funding to employ the staff, keep the service running and pay guest lecturers and speakers. We also have to employ negotiators to lobby event planning firms to accept student interns.

That’s why we are calling for funding. To run the academy more smoothly and reach our 2020 target of 10,000 students, we need at least $20,000.


What will the funds be used for?

  1. Renting a bigger office where we can hold physical lessons
  2. Employing more professionals to teach the course
  3. Building a powerful website that can hold thousands of students at the same time
  4. Funding our internship plans so that we can contribute to the payment of student interns
  5. Get the needed approval by educational institutions


Why You should donate:


By donating to the 24Rentz Academy, you are helping to

  1. Create jobs for thousands of people
  2. Alleviate Poverty
  3. Keep the institution running
  4. Build a legacy that would stay for centuries



  1. For donations below $10, You’d get your name in our Donors Wall of Fame
  2. For Donations above $10 but below $50, You’d get a free 24Rentz Newsletter plan for Life
  3. For Donations above $50 but below $100, You’d get a free 24Rentz T-Shirt if you’re in Nigeria
  4. For Donations above $100 but below $1000, you’d receive a handwritten letter from the team, a free T-Shirt, cap and free event consultation on your next gig
  5. For Donations above $1000, you’d get a full video from the team thanking you, with a cap, custom T-Shirt, Two free event consultations, lifetime membership plan and a $100 free shipping coupon

Any amount would be appreciated. We also encourage our alumni and students to donate to this course, so as to keep the system flowing.


To Donate, click here

Donate to 24Rentz

Click on the image to donate


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