Hello Guys. Welcome to this lecture. I wrote this article as a follow-up to the previous one.

Today’s lecture tells you “How to Get Your First Paying Clients As An Event Planner.” Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this.

As a new event planner, I know it’s kinda tough getting your first gig. You might have been volunteering and volunteering but still you haven’t gotten any clients. By the end of this article, you’d be able to know who your clients are and how to get them.

Also, you can apply for a free consultation with us if you need a free consultation. We’d be happy to give you.

How to Get Your First Paying Clients As An Event Planner

  1. Build a Professional Look
  2. Check Your Circles
  3. Referrals
  4. Your Niche
  5. Social Media
  6. Earned Marketing
  7. Events

Now we’d be explaining each of these in detail.

1. Build A Professional Look

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Building a reputation entails doing the things that make your brand look professional.

For starters, you’d need a 24Rentz Store and a Website. The website doesn’t have to be too expensive. Just a simple landing page with gallery and contact would do.

You’d also need a good social media account with some followers to add credibility to your brand. Try using our premium service so you get all these done.

Subsequently, you might need to hire a co-working space or Office, incorporate your company, get complimentary cards, get a corporate bank account and Tax Identification Number.


2. Check Your Circles

How to become a professional event planner

I’d advise you to check within your social circles for your first clients.

It might be your friends, your current boss, your religious, your charity and other organisations you might find yourself.

Tell them you’re willing to plan their events for free. Why this is good is because in today’s events world, there are several ways to make money from events.

Help plan their events and encourage them to refer you to their own friends and family who would be willing to pay for an event planner. If you can deliver on a nice experience, you’d get more clients.

3. Referrals

Referrals in event planning

One of the reasons we advise you connect with other event planners and events companies is because of referrals.

Some event planners might be booked up. They can refer their lower paying clients to you. Same with other service providers in the industry.

Furthermore, you can get referrals from your circles. If you deliver their jobs well and get them happy, they’d refer you. You can also convince your circles to refer you to their friends.

Trust me, referrals is the best way of getting clients in the events industry.

4. Your Niche

Niche logo

Like in the previous article, you need to define a niche. This reduces your workload by 90%.

When you define a niche, it helps you know who is your target customer. Remember that as an event planner, your target customers are event organisers.

Now, take weddings for example. If you’re planning a wedding, you need to find people ready and willing to get married. Trust me, you’d only find them in marriage courses or in wedding gown rental shops.

Since you know where to find them, you partner with those institutions. You network with them so they tell you the latest couples in town so you can drop your card. You talk to them and convince them.

Even if you’re an established firm, your need to know your target market when advertising. Use keywords for your niche so that you only spend money on your target market. This gives you a higher conversion rate than you can ever imagine.

Book a free consultation with us so we can help define your niche.


5. Social Media

Learning event planning online for free

Social media is a very good place to get clients. However, you need to know how to use it efficiently.

For event planners, Instagram has proved to be one of the most effective platforms. Outside Africa, Pinterest and Tumblr is also as important.

Finally, Facebook and LinkedIn would do you a lot of good.

So, focus on getting quality pictures and testimonials from your clients. Upload pictures on Instagram and follow other event planners and your target market on IG.

Pin photos your past jobs on Pinterest. Use LinkedIn to sell yourself in the professional world. Finally, use Facebook to build a professional feel for your brand as well as sell yourself in forums.

Nothing sells an event planner more than good pictures, a professional feel and testimonials. Don’t forget either of these.

6. Earned Marketing

Master of Ceremonies

Ever seen a viral video before? That’s a typical example of earned Marketing. We all share viral videos without knowing who did it, or why they did it.

Create viral content for your social handles. Ensure your picture quality is so cool that everyone in your niche would fantasize to have such an event.

Apart from creating quality documentaries or videos for your events, create a very convincing event for your clients. Plan for the guests and they’d be proud to announce your names to their circles.

Remind the MC to talk about your brand at the peak of the event so people know who planned it. Make sure your event experience is so dope that people market it without personally knowing you.

Earned Marketing pays more.

7. Events


Attend events. By events, I don’t mean random events. I mean events in your niche.

If you’re in the wedding niche, attend weddings. Talk with singles in the wedding and drop your cars for them. If you’re into corporate events, attend corporate events and connect with attendees.

This helps you pick out prospects from events, whether they be boring or interesting. Make friends and share your cards. Trust me, you would get clients from there.

how to become an event planner

So, we have come to the end of the lecture. I’m sure that you now know “How to Get Your First Paying Clients As An Event Planner”.

Why not share this post with friends? They’d love to see this too. Also, drop a comment below let’s know what you think.

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How to Get Your First Paying Clients As An Event Planner

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