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How to Maximise the Internet as an Event Planner

  1. Create a digital Reputation
  2. Create good content
  3. Post the right format in each media
  4. Handle accounts like a person
  5. Get Reviews and Testimonials
  6. Follow the Right People

Id explain each in detail

1. Create a Digital Reputation

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Creating a digital reputation means making your company look big and responsible.

In the event space, this means getting nice content on your handles. Post quality videos, beautiful pictures, videos of events you’re handling, new ideas you have and themes of events you can create.

You might not be a big company on paper, but no one needs to know. Have a big name on social media and you’d gradually grow into becoming a big name on paper.

Pro Tip: Don’t start with zero followership, unless you’re a professional social media manager. Either get an account with some followers, or convert your personal account to a business account.

2. Create Good Content

Create Good Content

Frankly, many event planners fail because they lack good content.

They can’t captivate their potential customers. They don’t even know the right demographic to target. So they spend money advertising and doing giveaways, yet no result.

The most effective marketing is targeted marketing. When you know your target market, you cut your spending by 80%.

Depending on your niche, look for your target market. If you plan weddings, strive to get young ladies of the marital age or mothers. Don’t go for teens when you need mature people. If you plan birthdays, find young mothers and young men. These two constitute a good amount of birthday organisers.

Create content that would captivate these your audience and capture them. Constantly find creative ways to engage your demographic.

3. Post the Right Format in Each Social Media

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Every social media is unique in its own way. Don’t make the mistake of posting exactly the same content in every handle.

On twitter, text is king. Instagram, Videos and pictures are very crucial. To Facebook, a picture with a rhyming image is very crucial. On LinkedIn, links and professional articles are crucial.

YouTube demands video lectures and viral 10 minute videos. Tik Tok is for creative dance or voice overs. Pinterest needs creative pictures. SlideShare is for quality presentation.

It takes time, but try creating custom content for each media handle. Don’t post the same thing.

4. Handle Accounts Like A Person

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Don’t try to make your handles so boring. Make it engaging, funny and educational.

Try to make it look as personal as possible. No one wants to follow a company. They want a person they know. Build your handles to have this personal tone to it.

This also means being available 24/7. Leave your notifications on if possible and check your inbox in every handle. No one wants to transact with you if pure inactive on their handle.

5. Get Reviews and Testimonials

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Always get reviews from your customers. Advice them to give you reviews and also to do short testimonials.

If I don’t know you, I’d be more comfortable if I see real people like myself who use your services. I don’t want to be the first.

Always try to interview your customers right after you set up. At this point, there’s less fatigue and the hopes of th event are not yet bashed.

Post these Testimonials and tag your clients. It always helps boost your reputation.

6. Follow the Right People

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Don’t just follow for following sake. Follow the right demographic. This gives you an insight into what your customers are currently doing and what kind of content is driving them.

Follow your competitors and other event planners. Like news platforms that drop insight in your industry. Check in on your customers and see what’s going on in their life. Follow your Demographic influencers.

Don’t try to be too professional at this point. Act like a person and do things that don’t scale. Get the followers and keep talking about your brand.

how to become an event planner

We have come to the end of the lecture. I hope you now know “How to Maximise the Internet as an Event Planner”

Feel free to drop your comments below. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

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How to Maximise the Internet as An Event Planner

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