Hello my dear event planner, today’s article was necessitated due to the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) in Nigeria. With a serious case reported, it is only pertinent that we all re-plan our events, so we don’t lose customers or even contribute to the spread of the Covid-19.

Across the world, the events industry has lost at least $5 Billion in revenue due to cancelled events and gatherings. Entire cities have been shut down, events halted and many event planners have recorded huge deficits during this era.

One of the biggest events that would have brought billions of dollars to the coffers of the events industry, the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games is at a huge risk of being rescheduled. Moreover, Italian, Chinese and other Sporting events, Religious gatherings and lot of other big events have all been postponed or suspended indefinitely.

Here in Nigeria however, there has not been a huge impact due to the virus. Apart from an initial panic, many events have not been cancelled and many of your clients would not have reason to cancel their event yet. But the fact remains that in no distant time, if more cases are reported there stands a huge chance of you losing millions of naira in revenue to this virus.

We therefore thought it necessary to give you a few tips that can help you plan your events better, so that you don’t lose customers or worst case, go out of business.

Use Masks

Face masks for sale

Everyone attending has to wear masks. It should be included in the entrance scheme. If you don’t have a mask, you are not allowed to enter.

The reason is simple, many people will feel more comfortable attending an event where everyone is wearing masks, than one where everything is open.

Since the venue is possibly going to be air conditioned, it is better you prevent a possible outbreak by distributing free masks to all your attendees.

You can order masks from our Jumia Store at an affordable price. You can always trust Jumia to deliver it to you swiftly, anywhere in Nigeria.


Hand Sanitizer for Sale


There should be enough hand sanitizers for your guests. They should be encouraged to watch their hands, so as to avoid a risk of spreading the virus.

You don’t want to create panic, so you can design your table in a way that there’s enough hand sanitizer for everyone, and towels to wipe dry. The towels should be on the quality charger plates, so it doesn’t defeat the aesthetic aims of your event.

To get all the props you need for this design, check out our centrepieces and plates section in the shop. We have all these for hire at a very cheap and affordable price.


You either need a very big hall to adequately space out your seats and tables, or you have a fewer attendees with a small hall. However, you have to adequately space your tables so that there is at least 2 metres distance between each guest.

Here’s a clue to how your sitting arrangement should look like


Organizing seats during Corunavirus epidemic

At the centre of this sitting arrangement is a huge table with a minimum of 3 metres radius. The table should be large enough to contain 8 chairs, but would be used for only four persons. Since everyone is on masks and has clean hands, their shouts would have almost zero chances of affecting their neighbours.

There’d be less risk of spreading an epidemic, as well as less risk of people feeling any need to panic.

120-seater lounge for hire

Alternatively, you can go for a 120-seater lounge. This lounge comes naturally with enough space, and can help reduce the risk of being sitting too close to one another. You obviously would consider this if you feel the costs of hiring bigger tables and bigger halls are way higher.

A lounger for 120 persons provides the comfort, the glamour and much needed security needed by your guests at your event. Consider convincing your clients to go for this.

To hire a nice big sized hall, or a good table, check us out here.


Emergency vehicle for hire

There should be an emergency vehicle waiting by. This vehicle should have a driver with masks and should be sanitised well enough to reduce the risk of someone getting infected by just entering the vehicle.

This is to ensure that anybody who is showing symptoms of the coronavirus is rushed immediately to a place where he can get the adequate treatment.

Doing this doesn’t just bring security, but brings an assurance that you can handle any emergency situation at your event.

You can book an emergency ambulance by contacting us here.

Health Check

You don’t need a sophisticated thermo scanner to test for coronavirus. You just need a thermometer that can record body temperatures.

By doing this, you provide the needed assurance that your guests would need when coming for the event. You can always assure your clients why they should not cancel their events when they see that you can handle the event with utmost health.

From the entrance, you check for everyone’s body temperature and report to your client any person who you feel has an abnormally high body temperature. This will reduce the risk of admitting anyone who is already infected into your event, and also boost the confidence of those attending.
You can order these thermometers here.


Buses for hire

You need to plan the transportation to the venue very well. You don’t want your client to congest his/her guests in a tight vehicle, especially when they’re coming from far and wide. The best way to do this is to rent a VIP bus for those coming from far. These vehicles are optimized for comfort and have adequate spacing between seats, to avoid people sitting at close ranges.

However, it is still advisable for all of them to wear surgical face masks while in the bus and not to ignore the sitting arrangement in the bus. Wearing gloves and surgical face masks wouldn’t be much hindrance for your VIP guests who need maximum protection during this period.

You can hire a VIP bus from us, and get free face masks for all your guests who would use the bus. However, the sitting arrangement must be respected as we would not carry more than the allowed number due to health reasons.



bouncers for hire

You obviously need enough security. This is to ensure that everyone who is a potential threat can be easily bundled out by men who have been trained to handle such situations.

Also, this is to avoid a situation where a person with the virus would run into the venue and look to hug or shake hands. Ensure that you hire the best security for your event, and minimize the risk of creating a health problem in the country.

You can hire the best quality security outfits from our platform and hence, reduce the risk of spreading a Covid-19 in the country.


Hopefully, with these plans in place, your client would not see any reason to cancel their big event and would be happy that you delivered quality to him. Also, your image as an event planner would boost and you would get more clients during this era of coronavirus.

Do not forget to share this post to all your clients and friends. Furthermore, drop a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions. We are here to guide you better.

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How to Organize An Event During this CoronaVirus Epidemic

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