The Ten things to consider when planning a Nigerian wedding include

  1. Location
  2. Timing
  3. Budget
  4. Attendees
  5. Welfare
  6. Costumes
  7. Program
  8. Sound
  9. Master of Ceremony
  10. Cake

Getting married is everyone’s dream, unless you’re going into a monastery or convent. It is therefore important to plan very well for the birth of your marriage, which is your wedding.

According to marriage counsellors, most of the crisis that destroy a marriage start from the wedding planning. An unsuccessful wedding celebration might lead to relationship problems and might cause a lot of havoc starting the marriage.

It is therefore pertinent for you to plan your wedding well. A good wedding is glamourous, stress-free, affordable and memorable.

Here’re 10 important things to consider when planning your wedding:



Tunnel for rent

You must always choose the right location for your wedding. The right location takes into cognizance your attendees, planning costs, event centre, accommodation, security, organizers and weather.

Unless You want a private wedding, you’d probably want to do your wedding in a place where your family and friends can easily visit.

You should also consider hotel and flight booking fees (If it’s far away), ease of getting visas, security of the area, the weather (You don’t want to have a wedding under rain), and organization (Somewhere your wedding organizers can easily access).



Marriage timing

The timing of your wedding would determine how huge a success it will be. It would determine the attendance of your wedding, the number of gifts received and the costs of the wedding. Y

should aim to optimize the timing to suit your wedding objectives. Are you looking to spend less money? January to March might be the best for you. Are you looking to get high attendance? December is the best time. Are you looking to have a glamourous event?

Valentine’s day might be your best shot. Select the right date for your wedding and see your objectives achieved.



A wedding should never be the reason you fall in debt. You should never plan for a wedding on other people’s money or loans.

Plan your wedding based on what you have and what you can afford. However, you can also raise money for your wedding by using crowdfunding platforms.

These platforms help you raise money for your wedding. However, plan within your means. Don’t go broke because of a wedding. Marriage is more than a wedding.



You have to consider this. How many people would you like to attend your wedding? Where are they coming from? Which kind of things would make them love the occasion? How do you make them feel happy? You need to ask yourself these questions.

You don’t want to organize a wedding that would leave everyone mumbling. You don’t want a hall that is so big that your huge crowd seems like a handful. You don’t want to rent a small hall and have people standing outside.

Plan for your attendees, and avoid complaints.




Always consider the welfare aspect of the wedding. What kind of food do you want to cook? What kind of plates will be used in serving food? Are you going for canned drinks or bottled drinks? Wine or Beer? Chicken or beef?

No matter how you argue it, Nigerian wedding is all about food. If you don’t have a good plan for this, your wedding will be a mega disappointment.




We all love weddings where the bride looks glamourous. You should plan to look very nice on your wedding, so that your kids will be proud of their parents wedding. The only pictures people will see of your wedding will have your wedding gown or suit in it. So, you need to make a huge impression. Try using something nice, extravagant, neck breaking but not costly. You really don’t need to go broke all because a wedding dress.



Props for rent

Never forget to plan your wedding program. I’ve anchored at several weddings where the couple forgot to prepare a wedding program. They had to beg me to start doing that on the spot. Your wedding program should be planned ahead of time.

You don’t want people dozing at your wedding. Get a very exciting wedding program ready at least 2 days before the wedding.

Also get a graphics designer to a wedding program card. It adds beauty to your event.



Sound system for rent

You have to plan for this. Without sound, your entire wedding plans would go south. What are your plans for sound?

By sound we mean speakers, DJ, Microphones, mixers and co. You need to rent quality sound for your event. It’ not negotiable.

You need good microphones, speakers, mixers, DJ Stand and a good sound engineer/DJ to back it up. Don’t get it twisted. Sound is vital in every event, most especially weddings.

Master of Ceremony


Wedding MC

I need not tell you this. You need to have a good MC at your event. Without one, you’d be organizing the most boring event of all times. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to end up like that.

Hire a professional MC. It doesn’t cost much. All you need to do is ensure that the MC in question has enough stage experience. Don’t allow price to make you hire an amateur. You can’t get a refund from a dry MC. You can’t hire another one either in the middle of your event.

Get yourself a professional and funny MC. You’d never regret it.

Wedding Cake


Wedding cake table for rent

Hurray!! Everyone else must have omitted this. but we didn’t omit this. You don’t want to forget your wedding cake. You need to have this at the fore-front of your wedding plans.

You can decide to get the biggest cake in the world. Or you can go for the smallest cake too.

However way, never omit the cake part. It’s freaking important. Get a good wedding cake. One that isn’t done with so many ingredients (reduces allergy risk), affordable, nice looking and well designed.


So, here you are. You have the ten most important things to consider when planning your wedding. You can ask any questions in the comment box and we’d reply you as soon as possible.

Also, please share this post. Your friends might be in need of this information. Thanks, and God bless you.

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10 Keys Things To Consider When Planning Your Nigerian Wedding (2020)

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