Hello Guys. How many of you want to become like Donald Trump? Lol, was  kidding. However, today I’d be teaching you “How to Seal Big Event Planning Deal.” Doesn’t that sound like Trump?

Sealing a big deal isn’t easy. It takes a lot of effort. But having thought you the sales funnel and the sales pipeline, I believe you should be closing a deal now.

Today’s article is to help you create a very good impression on your customer when meeting them. It’s to help you build a personality that works. With this personality, you can get a deal done easier and faster.

I’d be dropping a set of rules that can help you do this, with minimal effort.

How to Seal Big Event Planning Deals

  1. Sell with Actions, not words
  2. Choose Your Words
  3. Use Their Titles or Names
  4. Look Good
  5. Walk Like a Boss
  6. Good Business Gestures
  7. Learn how to introduce
  8. Have Cute business cards

Now, I’d be explaining this in detail.

1. Sell with Actions, Not Words

People don’t listen. Research has shown that only 10% of what is said in a conversation is remembered. So, why bother about words?

When with a client, your unspoken words count more. Your looks, self confidence, your calmness, your response mechanism. Let your actions look natural.

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I started event planning at 17. I was not tall or huge, had a tiny voice and was repeatedly bounced by security. So I learnt how to let my name go farther than my person. I would only show up when the client is already down. Even with this, I still lost a lot of deals.

So, remember that people judge a book by it’s cover. Build a nice cover when bidding for a deal.

2. Choose Your Words

Now, this doesn’t mean rehearse your words. Many a time, I’ve seen salesmen who send me rehearsed pitches. Trust me, it sucks.

Choose the right words. If you listen well enough, you’d know what a client wants to hear. Don’t forget that.

Anything you say should be easily understood and grasped. Don’t be in a situation where the client would be asking you lots of questions to understand. Be the inquiring person. Show empathy. Let him pour out his mind to you.

3. Use Their Titles or Names

When addressing a client, use their names or titles. Don’t use words like Sir or Ma.

Fact is that people want their friends to plan their events. Little wonder in the movies, women always think their husband is cheating with the event planner.

So try to be as personal while maintaining composure. Start with calling them Dr Joe, instead of Sir. Try Mrs Elizabeth, instead of Madame.

4. Look Good

Trust me, people take their events personal. An event is mostly an integral part of someone’s life experience.

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Think about someone’s wedding. For years, they have built a mental picture for decades of the wedding. Trust me, they won’t allow an amateur ruin that picture.

So, look like the planner of their dreams. Smell nice, wear good shoes and keep a nice hair. These three things are very important when bidding.

Don’t forget to wear a nice watch, a ring(even if you’re not married) and smell good. Your customers deserve that from you.

5. Walk Like A Boss

A lot of times people walk into my office with their shoulders down. Most of them come to sell me several stuff.

Truth is, I really get apprehensive when someone isn’t looking confident. It really makes me feel like you either don’t know enough of the product you’re marketing, or your company has a bad sales culture.

Either way, I won’t like to patronize a company I can’t trust.

Build confidence as a salesman. Don’t allow fear or shyness affect your growth.

6. Build Good Business Gestures

These include your handshake, your emphatic listening, your micro facial expressions, etc.

You have to learn how to shake firmly, pop wine, and apply good etiquette. Without these, you’d be floating in the air.

When you walk into the room, act like a professional. Pass confident signals, maintain composure and leave a good lasting impact.

7. Learn How To Introduce

You have to be good at introducing your brand to your client.

You also have to learn how to introduce yourself, your team members and even the client to your team.

Use the right names and titles of your client. Always note how he introduces himself. If he tells you his name is Joe, then call him Mr Joe.

8. Have Cute Business Cards

As a professional, you’d need to have a very good business card. Your business card is the best form of marketing you can have, as an event planner.

Don’t share your cards to anyone. Give them only to prospects. This would reduce the cost of producing it, and help you maintain a good quality.

People tend to throw away business cards easily. However, if it looks cute, they’d keep it on them. The longer someone has your card, the longer he remembers you.

Your card speaks volumes of you. Build a professional card today.

Here you are, with full knowledge of “How to Seal A Big Event Planning Deal”.

Don’t forget that a good portfolio of previous jobs, is always better than any event proposal. Let your work speak for you.

In the mean time, keep up checking our blog to see the latest updates. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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