5 Cute Pipe Centrepieces for Rent (Up to 70 pcs Available)

Here you go! We’ve got the best pipe centrepieces in the whole of Lagos.

Why not rent this and try it out?


Pipe Centrepiece for rent. We rent them in batches of five, and you can always get more or less.

Each centrepiece is ₦400 for one day. So you can always negotiate with us using the chat now button to get more than 5 per batch.

However, you can order in batches of five to get ten, 15 and up to 70 pieces per day.

Here’s how you do it?

  • Click on a date on the calendar. This will help you select the right date
  • Click book now
  • A cart and checkout page will come out
  • Click “continue shopping” to go back to the previous page
  • Click click the calendar again
  • Select the same date as before
  • Click book now
  • It would take you back to the cart page
  • Continue the process till you have the total number of centrepieces that you want

You can come to pick up at the office, or you can have is ship it to you, anywhere in Lagos.

Check our shipping policies for more information.

If you need an event planner or a personnel to be there, add it in the resources session.

It costs ₦10,000 per day for each person.


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