50 Clear Votive Cups for rent (100 available)

Nice and affordable clear votive cups available for rent in Lagos


Nice and affordable clear votive cups available for rent in Lagos

We have 100 in stock. So if you want more than 50 or any other number, feel free to use the WhatsApp Us button on your screen.


Set of 50 Clear Glass Votive Holders
Votive Candles require a Votive Candle Holder to maximize the burn time. The Votive Candle Holder will help pool the wax and allow you to get the full burn time. Quick Candles highly recommends using our Votive Candle Holders to achieve the best results.
Our Clear Votive Candle Holders are made of high quality, heavy-duty 1/8″ glass. Perfect for weddings and restaurants.
Size: 2.375″(H) x 2.0″(W) Candles sold separately.
We offer a wide variety of Glass Votive Candle Holders, including Clear Votive Holders, Frosted Votive Holders, Square Votive Holders , Flower Pot Votive Holders and Colored Votive Holders. They all work exceptionally well with all of our Votive Candles.
Our selection of Votive Candles includes over a dozen different colors and fragrances. We’re sure to have just the right one for your needs. While you’re here, you’ll want to check out our Tealight Candles and Tealight Candle Holders, too. Compare and save. You’ll book Candles for all your candle needs!


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