Cute Wedding Gown for Rent in Lagos

Do you want to rent wedding gown in Nigeria?

Worry no more. We at 24Rentz have every gown you can think about for your next event. We are willing to make them available for rent.

Keep up with Needlekraft for wedding gown


Looking to get married? You would marvel at this gown. Cute, Pretty, affordable and customizable.

NeedleKraft has got you covered. Stun your guest at your wedding with this cute gowns and have the best of glamour and glandour rocking your day.

What We can do for you

  • We would lend you this cute gown.
  • We would customize it for you if necessary
  • We deliver to your doorstep
  • You can decide the one you want, if the one you booked doesn’t fit you

Cute Wedding Gown for Rent in Lagos, Nigeria

Rent this wedding gown in Lagos for your wedding.

Are you asking where can I rent wedding gown in Lagos, Nigeria? Do you want to know how to rent a wedding gown at an affordable price for your wedding.

We at 24Rentz want to help you rent a wedding dress in Lagos, without leaving your house.

what is in the box

  • Wedding Gown (same as one in the picture)
  • Veil
  • Flower bouquet

What is this made of?

  • Polyester 20%
  • Cotton 60%
  • Silk 20%

Delivery Terms

We deliver only within Lagos. Either pick up or send your measurement so we customise for you.


  • Return immediately after use to avoid extra charges
  • Delivery 6 hours before an event

If you want to see our showroom, why not send a WhatsApp message to our agent

We’d take it up from there.


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