Flood Light for Rent in Lagos

Rent flood lights for all events. 50PCS AVAILABLE. Rent floodlights for your events, anywhere in Lagos. Affordable and pricey.


Perfect UV light for parties set up. This powerful UV floodlight packs 252 UV 10mm LED’s to give maximum UV output and power. Control the light via a simple adjustable dimmer and strobing effect function.

The light also features DMX control and comes with a neat mounting bracket.

Floor Light for Rent

This is Perfect for any kind of event

Floor Light for rent in Lagos

created to help your event stand out.

Suitable for

  1. All kind of private events
  2. Camping

Where Can I Rent Flood Lights?

These flood lights are available for Rent, only in Lagos. For bookings outside Lagos, contact admin

Return Policy

You’re to return within 24 hours after the agreed time. If you don’t do so, you’d be paying a full cost for a day…


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