Medium Cooling Box For Rent in Lagos

MEDIUM COOLING BOX for rent. Can contain 13 crates of beer each. Hire today to chill drinks for your guests


MEDIUM COOLING BOX FOR RENT. Can contain 13 crates

Hire for your events to give your guests the perfect atmosphere

Medium Cooling Box for rent

Medium Cooling Box for rent. Comfortable for any age bracket of people. Gives you and your guests the perfect atmospheric experience.

Medium Cooling Box for Rent in Lagos

A unique design suitable for your special events.

Rent Medium Cooling Box Online

This is Perfect for any kind of event

Suitable for

  1. All kind of private events
  2. Weddings
  3. Corporate events
  4. Camping

Where Can I Rent Medium Cooling  Box Online?

These Halogen are available for Rent, only in Lagos. For bookings outside Lagos, contact admin

Return Policy

You’re to return within 24 hours after the agreed time. If you don’t do so, you’d be paying a full cost for a day…


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