Pink matflowers for rent

Pink matflower for rent in Lagos. Beautiful and affordable…. Book online now on the 24Rentz platform


Pink matflower for rent in Lagos. Beautiful and affordable.

There’s no person who used these flowers who didn’t do a thank you video to the effect.

These flowers are super cute and bring in a feminine soft touch to your event, making the atmosphere very serene.

We advise you to rent these flowers now, and thank us later. You’d be happy you did.

Do you want more or less than 10?

Many people rent these flowers in the tens, but we understand that you might want a custom number.

Maybe you want 65, 34, etc. We can still make that possible. We have 100 Pcs available for rent.

All you need to do is use the WhatsApp Us button on your screen. Alternatively you can use the contact us form below.

We respond to queries in less than 2 hours.

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