Rent Banquet Rectangular Table Online

Banquet rectangular table for rent. Useful for kind of events at. Over 300 PCS AVAILABLE. Either pick up or have it delivered to your venue


This is a great addition for a small gathering, buffet, coffee service, gift table, project, or meeting. Seats 6-8 guests. 30″ leg height. Pair with our table decorations for an elegant and stylish look.


This is a beautiful banquet rectangular  table for rent, online. Suitable for weddings or any elegant event with a country chic look. Pair it with our stylish chairs to make it look amazing! Use our decorations for the center for an added feature. Seats 8-10 guests.

Banquet Rectangular Table for rent in Lagos

Hire a banquet rectangular table and make your event stand out

Suitable for

  1. Wedding
  2. Conferences
  3. Dinners
  4. Reunions
  5. Hangouts
  6. All kinds of table events

Where Can I Rent a Banquet Rectangular Table in Lagos?

You can rent a banquet rectangular table in Lagos, on the 24Rentz website. For bookings outside Lagos, contact admin

Return Policy

You’re to return within 24 hours after the agreed time. If you don’t do so, you’d be paying a full cost for a day…


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