Tunnel for rent in Lagos (2 available)

Tunnel for rent in Lagos.  Very nice and affordable


Tunnel for rent in Lagos.  Very nice and affordable.

Your wedding is like a tunnel into your marriage. Your marriage is like another tunnel into your life.

We live in tunnels, but we always hope for light at the end of it. That’s the reason this prop is so beautiful. It reminds the couple and their guests of the realities of life.

Renting this tunnel to serve your clients better would be one of the best decisions you’d ever make. The wedding will not just be wowing, it would leave a lasting impression on the minds of your audience.

The sweetest part of renting this is the rarity of it. Not everyone has done something like this. Why don’t you become one of the first to do so?

Try this out today, and thank us later.

In Need of More?

We have two of these for rent. You can always use the WhatsApp Us button to place a custom order. Alternatively, you can order this item twice on the same day and same time if you want the two to be delivered to your venue.

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