Quality Furniture Set for Sale

Price is Negotiable 2,000,000.00

If you’re looking for quality furniture that you can sell, then you’re at the right place.

We have 30 Sets of these quality made furniture for sale.

Account Management

Find out how to receive a product that you must have paid for on the 24Rentz store. This FAQ helps guide you through all the stages you would pass

How to Receive product that you rented

  • You have to select the delivery option for the product, be it shipping or pick up
  • If it’s shipping, you pay the shipping fee and our logistics partners will contact you
  • If it’s pick up, you visit the store page to find out the correct address. take the phone number on the store page to get the correct address.
  • We recommend agreeing to meet in a public place that’s convenient for the borrower to get to.
  • Once a rental request has been approved, you’ll be able to access the vendor’s email and phone number. We would send it automatically to you.
  • Before the item would come to you, the vendor might demand for a valid means of identification or a proof of address. Get the ready before the delivery service comes or before going to pick up your rented items.

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Find out how to have the verified tag on your account

A verified vendor is a vendor who has established themselves as a reliable lender with great customer service. To earn this status, a vendor must:

  • Complete 40 rentals or more in the past 12 months
  • Respond to 90%+ message enquiries
  • Accept 80%+ rental requests
  • Receive 5* reviews 95% of the time

Response rates and acceptance rates are measured over the past 90 days.

What’s the fastest route to becoming a Superlender?

Increase your acceptance rate

Use the calendar or edit your items availability in My Items to accurately reflect the availability of your items. That way, you won’t have to reject requests because of your item being unavailable.

Unable to respond to messages for a few days? Switch to holiday mode to take your items out of search. Both of these will help you keep your acceptance rate high.

Keep your response rate high

Even if you can’t fulfill a rental, politely let the borrower know rather than leaving them hanging. This is important to keep your response rate up.

Respond quickly

Respond as soon as you can to keep your response time low.

Provide impeccable service

Build up your 5 star reviews by being a helpful lender

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To help you have the best possible experience on 24Rentz, we’ve put together five tips to help you generate as many rentals on your items as possible:

To help you have the best possible experience on 24Rentz, we’ve put together five tips to help you generate as many rentals on your items as possible:

1. Take great photos of your items

The better your snaps, the more rentals you’ll get. clients like being able to see what they’re booking, so the more pics, the merrier. Oh, and stock photos make bad marketing and attract less interest from borrowers) so make sure you take your own.

2. Set your prices low

What you charge is up to you, but lower prices often mean a higher overall rental income – they encourage longer and more frequent rentals. To begin with, look at how similar items are priced and start towards the lower end of the scale.

3. Describe your items accurately

Write a title and description that would match what potential borrowers might search for. Describe the specifications, compatibility and condition of your item as accurately as possible.

4. Show us the real you

Upload a logo and a short bio to your profile to help the rest of the herd know who you are. Vendors with profile photos get 60% more rental enquiries than those without. Say cheese.

5. Maintain a fast response time

Llamas love speedy replies. When a borrower messages you or requests your item, get back to them as soon as you can, whether you can fulfil the rental or not.

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How to upload rental items to your 24rentz store

To upload a product for rent on the 24Rentz platform, you’d need to be a vendor. When you have done that, then you’re eligible to upload a product.

You can either watch this youtube video or you follow the pictorial steps below. However, note that the colors in the pictures have changed over time.

The following are the steps to take when uploading products:

  1. Go to Vendor dashboard 
  2. Click on Bookings to see available options.
    How to Upload a bokking product on 24rentz
  3. Click on Add new product, a form similar to the new product form will appear with a different looking section below the basics. We will break each section down for your easy understanding. This might get a little complicated so pay attention. Booking is a very much customizable product with a high level of relations.

    This is the very basic section. Nothing too hard.What is Booking Duration?

    This field allows you to define a time duration(in hours, days, weeks or months) of your product. The duration of each product your customers will be renting. Suppose you own a wedding gown and don’t want to rent your it out unless someone wants it for three days. So you put three days as your block duration.

    (However, we usually advise a 1 day duration. This reduces the confusion our customers might face when trying to book)

    What’s Calendar display mode?

    The calendar on the product page displays availability on a calendar. So this field simply on/off for the calendar be already expanded or appear as a clickable button.

    (we advise you put it on click, so that the user can just fill the date manually)

    This is where the things start to get a little complicated. This section deals with the availability in four different ways – frequency, capacity, range and time.

    What is a Block?

    Understanding this makes the following things a lot more easier. A block is the minimum unit of your product which you are making available for rent. Most rented products unlike regular products, which are  time dependent.

    A block means the time duration for renting a particular product. For instance, if you want your customer to rent your centrepiece for one day, that one day becomes a block.

    What is max bookings per block?

    This field allows you say the total quantity of a particular product you have in stock. So let’s say you have 100 centrepieces for rent, you would put in 100 as the maximum bookings per block.

    What is minimum booking window?

    It is the minimum duration of time during which a customer will have to rent your next available product.

    So if you want to be given 2 days notice, you set this as two. If you want the customer to give you a week notice, you set it as a week. It helps you prepare adequately for the delivery of a rented item.

    (We advise you set this as 1 day, or in worst case scenario, 6 hours. This is due to our verification and shipping policy)

    What is maximum booking window?

    This is the amount of time in the future that a customer can book a product for rent. Let’s say your customer wants to hire your centrepiece for a wedding 4 months later, this would enable him fill it on the calendar.

    We advise you set this to 12 months, so people can hire you one year in advance)

    Here is an example on a calendar how these dates will work.

    What is Require a buffer period of?

    The you need some time to refresh your asset / product after completion of each order / service.

    If you have multiple booking blocks allocated in a single week, probably you will need some time in between to do some maintenance. This is what buffer time is. Say, if you want to clean up your covers before you hand it over to the next customer, you may set a buffer time of 30 hours. Leave it on 0 for no delay.

    The unit for buffer period changes automatically with your block unit duration.

    What if I set All dates are – to “not available by default”?

    Your customized settings for availability ranges will become active.
    (However, we advise against this)

    Set availability range

    Each field is tagged with a (?) hint text which explains each field.

    Fix the range for your booking availability according to days months hours or minutes and many other ways. You can add and reorganize priority by dragging too.

    (We advise against this. Just leave it blank)

    This section is pretty much straight forward.

    There is always a base cost of the product. The base cost is like the service fee. Most times, it is also used as your security deposit fee. (We advise you leave it blank. Admin would handle that)

    Then block costs are prices per day. It is how much you charge a client for hiring your centrepiece or your gown for a specific time duration. If your block is for a week, then it’s the price per week.

    Display cost is something which you can display initially as the lowest lowest price perhaps. If you leave it empty, the cost will become adaptive as the customer modifies his order. So, you can also use the display cost as a minimum cost per order in that sense.

    What is Has Persons?

    In this section, you can use this to select the quantity for each day. You can also set the type of the product and the available quantity.

    For instance, if you have 300 centrepieces, you’d click on has persons. Then you select maximum persons to 300.

    Then create a person type and write quantity as the name. In the description, just say how many do you need. In the max/min put the minimum number something for rent for a time period, and the maximum number someone can rent for the same time period.

    In the block cost, put the price for booking a unit of your item for the specified time period. Then leave the base cost empty. The admin would handle that for you.

    What is Has Resources? (Only Use if you’re renting halls)

    If you want to add additional resources to your product. For example, on my luxury suite, I have added a resource if they want to use a home theater system for viewing movies to be set up.

    These resources can be set to automatically assigned or customer selected. As you see, you can charge for your resources as both initiation costs and for the length they use it.

    1. Enter the resource cost.

    2. Select the resource from the drop down menu.

    Resources can also have their ranges depending on various attributes. You can set them from a different menu.

    new booking 005

    Creating a resource

    Go to Vendor Dashboard → Bookings → Click on Manage Resources

    Now, click on Add New Resource to create a new resource. Click on Edit / Remove for changing a resource properties.

    new booking 006

    Usage – Frontend – Customer

    After selecting a product or service that can be booked from your 24Rentz store, customer has to perform following actions.

    Choosing from the options

    Your customer will get the options you have set at the time of creating the product or service. They have to choose between minimum and maximum amount of person and also the types of resources that you have created.

    choosing person and resource type

    After selecting a number of person and type of resource (if required), they have to select the available date of booking. They have to click on Choose button to view the calendar and select the suitable date.


    If the date is available, the Check Availability button will become active. Then they have to click on the button and it will redirect them to order page.

    select booking date

    Now, the customer should provide necessary information for ordering the product or service. After filling the order form, they have to click on the Request Confirmation button and this will create a new order.



    A customer can cancel the order by navigating to My Accounts → Orders and click on the cancel button.

    customer cancel order

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Find out how to sign up as a vendor on the 24Rentz Platform

If you don’t have a 24Rentz account yet:

  1. Click ‘the Human Head Avatar’ in the top right-hand corner of the homepage. You can choose to sign up as a vendor or as a customer
  2. Fill up all the necessary fields
  3. If as a vendor, your shop name is your business name while your shop url is your username
  4. Verify your email and follow the prompt

Congratulations — you’re now officially a 24Rentz user. At this stage, you’re free browse and list your own items for rental.

Heads up though: if you want to rent something, you’ll have to be verified by our team before your request is sent to the lender.

Head to the homepage via the link below to get started:

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How Does 24Rentz Work

Are you confused as to what 24Rentz is all about and how we work? Find out how we manage to run an online event rentals marketplace in Africa

24Rentz is an event rentals marketplace — we connect event planners with event rentals and vendors. Easy.

If you want to lend something, just:

  1. Sign Up as a vendor
  2. Submit the required information
  3. Get Your Account Verified
  4. Subscription Plan  Get a Subscription Plan
  5. Upload Your products from your dashboard
  6. Get paid through our secure payment system

If you want to hire something, just:

  1. Find what you’re looking for
  2. Book the item for the dates you need it
  3. Some products require you to negotiate your price, do so by typing your price and using the check availability button
  4. Select the Event Venue so that we can deliver it to the venue or go to the vendor’s shop to pick it up
  5. If You Pick Up, Return the item to the vendor and leave a review

Watch the videos below for more clarification

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How to Book Items on the 24Rentz Store

To understand how to source products, you’d need to watch this video below. It would help you effectively search for products on the store, and also get to book them without stress.

However, here’s a quick tip

  1. Click on the Shop Page
  2. Key in what you want to hire in the search button
  3. Click on the picture or name of the products which you want to rent
  4. select the date you’d want to rent it using the calendar
  5. If negotiable, select the amount you’re willing to pay.
  6. Click Book Now
  7. If there’s no Book Now button on the page, click Check Booking Availability
  8. You’d be redirected to a cart page. If you want to hire more products, click continue shopping. If you want to check out, scroll down.
  9. Select a location to Calculate your shipping price (The currency you’d pay in is determined by your location)
  10. Click on the Place order button
  11. If you don’t have an account, sign up immediately right there on the checkout page
  12. Fill in your shipping address, and your billing address
  13. Select the payment gateway available in your country.
  14. Fill in your card details, or pay from your wallet using any payment gateway.
  15. An instant invoice will be sent to your email with any specific instructions from the vendor

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Who We Are

Find out who we are

24Rentz is an online marketplace that enables event planners to hire all the resources they need when planning an event.

We connect event planners to vendors who rent/sell:

  • Props
  • Vehicles
  • Venues
  • Service Vendors(Caterers, Ushers, Bouncers, etc)
  • Lights
  • Costumes
  • And virtually any thing that can help your event

About the Company

24Rentz is a Delaware C-Corp that operates from Lagos, Nigeria. Founded by Michael C Bernard in July 2019, we now have operate in four Nigerian cities, as well as in Kenya.


  1. Bring latest technological advancement to the Events Industry
  2. Reduce the stress, time and costs of event planning by 100%
  3. Enable People with zero experience to organize events


  1. Build the world’s largest events marketplace
  2. Train 10 Million Event Planners worldwide
  3. Become a role model for future African start-ups


24Rentz started in Enugu Nigeria, 2019. It was initially a peer-to-peer rentals marketplace.

The first two founders were Michael C Bernard and Uche G. Ezenduka who were both students of the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus.

After market validation and testing a lot of verticals, 24Rentz decided to iterate to become an event planning marketplace. Michael C Bernard, being an event planner and a team of other event planners decided to take the company down this line. They moved the company to Lagos and began building a network of event planners

Building the network

The first vendor to join 24Rentz was Kolony Rentals, a big event rentals brand in Lagos. After that, a lot of other vendors joined the platform, boosting the total number of products available for rent.

Today, 24Rentz has vendors in several verticals in two countries, as well as students in 3 continents of the world.


Category: Who We Are

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If you’re looking for quality furniture that you can sell, then you’re at the right place.

We have 30 Sets of these quality made furniture for sale. Manufactured specially for you.


What we have:

30 Units of Luxury Aluminium frame Outdoor/Indoor sofa with throw pillow and table.


Good for resort, outdoor sitting area, pool side or indoor sitting room use.


Can be delivered to any country in the world. Would be shipped from the United States of America.

Clearing Notes

You handle the clearing. We do the shipping to your Nigerian address.


Punchline Tents and Events Services Supply, West Africa’s biggest furniture Makers.


There are no reviews yet.

Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.

Vendor Information

  • Store Name: 24Rentz
  • Vendor: 24Rentz
  • Address: No 9 Office Depot, Majek, Along Lekki Epe Expressway, Lagos
    Lagos Island
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Product Location

9 Office Depot St, Eti-Osa, Lagos, Nigeria

We at 24Rentz believe in providing quality services for our customers.


In that light, we do not take abuse lightly as we investigate it thoroughly and overtly.

We ensure that you are not caught up with vendors by withholding payment till certain criteria are met.

If you feel cheated by a vendor and your complaint falls within any of the above categories, feel free to seek a refund.

Product Enquiry

We do not share your data with third parties. check our privacy policy page for more details


Agora Tech Hub, Ajiwe Bustop, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lekki, Lagos





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