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Sand which, waffles, pancake, omelette, sausages, baked beans, grape, juice


Order a special breakfast tray online of Pancake, waffles, sausages,grape,apple, juice,baked beans, yogurt

Yummy! Are you planning a picnic, a getaway event or a party? Do you need a great chef to prepare something nice for you, so you can serve to your guests?

Just Smile! We at Just Smiles have compiled these sumptuous meals for you so that you and your guests can have the time of your life.

Each of these trays come with separate components, all geared at giving you maximum nutritional value for your money.

We have several trays available. Select the one you prefer.

Breakfast Tray for your Event

Contents of the tray

  1. Pancake
  2. waffle
  3. crunchy chicken
  4. baked beans
  5. yogurt
  6. juice,
  7. apple,
  8. grape,
  9. sausage,
  10. omelette

Delivery Time

Not less than 24 hours after payment. We advise you pay 24 hours earlier, to your preferred delivery time.


If you’re allergic to any ingredients or components, contact the vendor using the live chat button so as to inform her of this.


For bulk purchases and for price negotiation, contact the vendor. The vendor reserves the right to offer you discounts on the product.


You can only opt for a refund if you do not accept the food when delivered. Logistics and fee processing fees would be deducted from your bill.

Ensure you read our Terms and Conditions page before you proceed.


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