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1. Understanding Events


To even commence your journey as an event planner, you need to understand what events really are.

What is an Event?

An event can be described as a public assembly for the purpose of a celebration, education, marketing or reunion.

This definition which is explained further in our previous article helps us classify events into 3 categories.

3 Major Types of Events


  1. Private Events
  2. Corporate Events
  3. Social Events

Private Events



Private events are gatherings organized by private individuals for various reasons. Typical examples include weddings, homewarmings, babyshowers, child dedications, home parties, birthdays and any gathering organized by an individual for his own clique of friends.

One general characteristic of these events is the lack of ticket sales and the number of attendees which does not exceed 2000 persons.

Corporate Events


Sound system for rent

Business Events are gatherings organized by companies, organisations, government and other institutions for their stakeholders.

It might be a dinner, workshop, conference, seminar, conference and a host of other events.

These events are mostly based on invites and are built to advance an organisational goal.

Social Events



Social events are gatherings organized for public pleasure.

The organisers usually plan to create a lasting fun experience and also a chance for people to meet others.

A major bulk of large events are of social dimension. Typical examples include proms, public weddings, parties, campaigns, public gatherings, concerts, movie shows, and a host of various social events.

Two major characteristic includes Ticket Sales and Sponsorship. Since it doesn’t come from a private or corporate pocket, the attendees usually have to pay for the experience.

Now that you have understood what events are, you’d need to understand one more thing.

You are not planning an event. You’re building an experience. The better the experience you build, the better an event planner you become.

Learn to plan experiences for people and you’d be on track to become a professional event planner.

2. Learn Events Planning


effective events planning

The reason you see a lot of whack events is because many event planners are not well trained. Most of them plan events on impulse and not as a logical creative sequence.

Events Planning is a logical sequence, not something you do out of intuition. You should have enough knowledge of a craft, before you can commence a logical sequence.

Furthermore, you need to understand who an event planner really is. An event planner is not the person who does decoration or the one with the person organizing the event.

An event planner is the person or firm who coordinates every aspect of an event. They control every aspect of the event, from venue to logistics, mobilization and event management.

Most times, the term is used interchangeably with event management which is the application of project management to human gatherings.

As a beginner, you need to get an event planning education. This doesn’t have to be formal, informal would do. It can even be learning on the job or by experience.

So we’d be giving you 3 ways to acquire a quality event planning education

  1. Attend An Event Planning School
  2. Work Under An Event Planner
  3. Volunteer for Events Planning Committee


1. Attend An Event Planning School


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There are plenty event planning schools online, but most of them are not free. Some are established names, others are YouTube channels and websites.

Oxford, Eventbrite, are but a few of the big names that offer event planning courses. For a minimum of $200 to $300, you can get a decent education.

However, you can be part of the 24Rentz Events Planning Academy, the first internationally recognised free events planning institutions.

By signing up with 24Rentz Academy, you’d stand a chance to learn everything about event planning online and for free. You’d also get a certificate at the end of the course which you can show to clients or employers.

2. Work Under An Event Planner


Learning event planning online for free

You can volunteer to work for an event planning company.

Though this might seem outdated, but it’s very crucial if you’re to become better. By working under a professional, you stand a chance to see the things you learn in theory and to practicalize them.

You also avoid the stress of sourcing jobs, which on its own is very stressful.

3. Volunteer for An Event Planning Committee


Learn event planning for free online

If you already work in the corporate world or you are part of a large organisation, you can volunteer to work in their events planning committee.

You’d have a chance to get practical knowledge and to learn by association. Most times, you’d see how stressful it is planning a single event by doing this, and it would enable you to perform better as an event planner.

Facts About The Events Planning Industry


Size of the events industry

According to research, the size of the global events industry is $1.1 Trillion Dollars.

Though event planner handle the entire budget, at least 20% or in some cases 30% of these monies find their ways to the pockets of event planners.

This means that the events planning industry is worth $200 Billion as at 2018 and would grow to at least $500 Billion by 2036.

Furthermore, many event planners have begun forming big event planning companies to meet up with the demand.

The demand for events planning is much higher than the supply henceforth causing a hike in event planning prices. This means that the industry is big enough to contain thousands of new event planners.

Finally, event planning is one of the most stressful jobs on earth, ranking 5th on a global scale. This means that there’s a lot of hardwork that goes in when planning events.

Riola Events

Riola Events

Now, you have learnt what events are, what events planning is, how to learn events planning and important facts about events planning.

We hope you share this post to your friends who want to learn event planning or become better at it.

Feel free to drop any questions in the comments box below.

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